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Whether you’re acquiring a competitor or complementary business that could dramatically accelerate your strategic success, floating your business to power up market dominance, raising much needed funds or liquidity from investors, or selling shares in your business; make sure you have Spadina on your side, working hard to leverage the best outcome for you.

Success is often cast very early in the process and experience of what damages value and kills deals can be invaluable.  So instead of leaving the outcome of a strategic transaction to people in your management team who either don’t have the experience or time to focus on making it all happen, access our expert help.  We’ll make sense of the financial jargon, negotiate and line up the deal, manage the process from early stage planning through to completion, help work out cost-effective tax structuring and bring in other specialist advisors where necessary.

The most successful business transactions occur when business owners have started to plan years in advance. So if a business sale, purchase, exit, float or acquisition is something that might be on the cards for you in the future, talk to us early on for a heads-up on what you can be doing now to gain an advantage further down the line.     

“Having someone to explain things and take away the stress of muddling my way through my first ever business purchase was hugely beneficial. It gave us the confidence to focus on the day-to-day business so we could continue providing our customers with the great service they expect from Greyhound.”

Louise O’Brien
MD of Greyhound Box & Packaging

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