Strategic planning to provide
focus and direction

Capital and finance to
fund ambitious plans

Transaction support to achieve the right result

Part-time or interim
finance director resource

We love to help ambitious SME business owners create solid strategic plans which have real purpose and get the people who matter “on the bus” and working with you to make success happen.

So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let’s talk about how we help you inspire your people to take action and deploy your plans with greater certainty.

Clients value our help to access finance because we make certain they get the right solution and the best deal.  

We can do this because we understand how the different lenders operate.

So if you need money to grow or to change your circumstances and the bank isn’t interested, let’s talk.

Are you looking to acquire a competitor or complementary business to dramatically accelerate your strategic success? Are you planning to float your business to power up market dominance or raise  funds from investors,or sell shares in your business?

If you are, make sure you have Spadina on your side, working hard to leverage the best outcome for you.

Our part-time or interim finance directors are experienced financial leaders, able to step in and deliver at an operational and strategic level.

For start-up or toddler businesses, our part-time FDs help to alleviate cash-flow issues and avoid costly mistakes! Whilst interim FDs bring specialist knowledge during a time of change or transaction.

We can help you achieve more… so why settle for less?

About us

We’re an experienced team of ex-private equity and finance experts, driven by a passion for helping entrepreneurs and business owners achieve commercial success.  

Our know-how has evolved out of many years spent successfully raising and investing private equity funds, listing AIM and LSE public companies, corporate finance, international M&A, strategic consulting and senior operational and financial management roles.  

We work in partnership with our clients to provide support which is flexible and tailored; and matched to deliver exactly what they need.  We open doors, facilitate, provide knowledge, expertise and access to a contact network that drives rapid, quantifiable progress.  Whatever you want to achieve, we can help you take the right path and stay on track.  

Strategic Planning Funding Growth Transaction Support Finance Director Support Spadina’s Founder A few of the companies we’re proud to work with

Founded by Peter Hindle-Marsh, a
20-year veteran of delivering financial solutions, commercial insight and strategic change; Peter created the business to channel genuine experience and expertise to ambitious SME’s.

You can read more about me on Linked In. Or alternatively, please give me a call on 07776 206987 or email me at


Spadina Capital is a trading style of Spadina Limited a limited company registered in England No. 04913229

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“Having someone to explain things and take away the stress of muddling my way through my first ever business purchase was hugely beneficial. It gave us the confidence to focus on the day-to-day business so we could continue providing our customers with the great service they expect from Greyhound.”  Louise O’Brien, MD of Greyhound Box & Packaging

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